Send And Go: low cost, attractive, powerful websites


  • A modern hand coded website with unique clean design - not a quick fix template design
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation built in from the start - get seen on Google
  • Send us your text and images - we do the rest - including sourcing further images
  • Contact form and contact acknowledgement page plus four further pages
  • More pages as and when required
  • Develop the site into a larger web presence at any stage
  • We are always available - no 'on hold' music - speak to real people at any time

Our Send and Go low cost website package will suit a business that is working to a tight budget but still requires a full designer type website. We design, create and complete the website using your content. You can specify preferred colours, logo suggestions and banner text. You get a professional website at very low cost. We make every effort to get your website online as quickly as possible.

Standard Search Engine optimisation is coded in during the building process and many of our Send and Go websites achieve page one Google search ranking within a few weeks of being launched. We don't make guarantees because ultimately it is the search engine that decides the ranking, but our track record speaks for itself. (see our SEO track record)

What you do:

  • Chat to us - we can often make suggestions to help you - especially if you are a start-up business
  • Send us one Word document for each page that your require (include images if necessary)
  • If you don't have a logo, send us your suggestions and we will create it
  • Search Engine Results - tell us the key phrases you'd like to be found for
  • That's it - we do the rest to create a unique website for your business
  • Your completed website can be expanded and enhanced at any time

Note on Design Copyright: The cost of a Send and Go website is conditional on SiteWeave hosting and maintaining the site by means of one of our Service Contacts for a minimum period of 3 years. Once you have paid your third year of hosting charges, the website design becomes yours to keep and you will be able to move it to another provider free of charge. If you woud like to take the web design to a new provider within the 3 year period, SiteWeave will charge a transer of design fee - usually equivalent to the remaining hosting charges - the rights to the web design then pass to you immediately upon payment.

The main options for our low cost SiteWeave websites are:

  • Send and Go Standard - £349
    Six page web site including a contact form and acknowledgement page - built in basic search engine optimisation - expandable at any time - up to 4 royalty paid images will be supplied if required
  • Send and Go Flight Checked - £389
    As above but proofed for spelling, grammar, logic and search engine impact
  • Send and Go Plus - £399
    As above but with wide format site and featuring a photo gallery page with attractive large image window.
  • Further pages - £55 each
    Or flight checked (see above) at £55

  • Annual Service Contract - £190 - £299

Choose a Service Contract level to suit your business: includes web page updating by SiteWeave, domain registration, email provision, support and advice, comprehensive usage statistics, etc.


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