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Yes, we've joined the ranks of the blog masters - find our blog at siteweave.blogspot.com

But what is a blog - and why?

What is a Blog?

A blog (web log) may be described as an online diary or journal. Importantly, it usually has links to other web sites or blogs. These links help answer the next question.

Why Blog - isn't it just a waste of time?

We keep a blog because our blog helps our customers!

When our blog refers to your website, it will contribute to your ranking.

The new SiteWeave Blog is being used to keep a record of the projects we are working on and new web sites we are launching. Links from Blogs act like ordinary website links and help to increase search engine ranking.The links from our Blog to our customer web sites will increase search engine exposure for our clients.

Please enquire If you would like your own Blog site, to promote your web site or to give information to your customers.


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