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Find out about our ongoing search engine programme - designed to keep your web site competing strongly in Google, Yahoo, Bing and all other search engines.

Ask about the many companies we have on page one of Google


At SiteWeave we are proud of our search engine optimisation (SEO) achievements. Many of our clients' web sites can be found on Page 1 of Google when searched for using more than ten search terms. Each month we feature one of our clients' web sites that appears on Page 1 of Google for five different search terms.

In the past we have moved our customers to the top of the Google (and other) search pages using one-off web site overhauls. These have been very successful but there have been important limitations and gains can be short term.

We have, therefore, introduced our new service: Ongoing Programmed SEO - aimed at moving your web site to Page 1 of Google and keeping it there in the long term. Advantages are:

  • A surer path to Page 1 of Google (and Bing, Yahoo etc )
  • Your website is continually changing - a big plus with the search engines
  • You can prioritise one or more search terms at any time
  • Your gains are maintained over the long term
  • Your SEO cost is spread and used more effectively

To keep administration to a minimum we ask clients who opt for this scheme to set up a standing order payment of £50 a month. The scheme will operate for a minimum of one year. SiteWeave will optimise the site on a frequent basis and provide a report on progress every three months.

If you require further information please contact us and we will be pleased to send you full details and a standing order mandate form.


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