Some common questions answered

I may want a website from you. How do I proceed?

We expect prospective customers to contact several companies in order to assess quality and costs. Our process for helping you in this matter depends on whether you would like to use our low cost option of whether your require a custom designed web site:

Low cost site - In order to keep costs down we are happy to talk to you on the phone and send information to you about our service - see low cost 'Send and Go' websites

Custom Design - if you require a unique bespoke web site, we are happy to meet with you. Initially, we would provide an outline specification and costing. Quite often this is followed by a meeting so that we can discuss requirements face to face - see our bespoke web design service

I need a good site quickly. How long does it take?

Websites based on our 'Send and Go' templates can be online within 3 days of receiving your content. Please ask about current lead times and let us know if your requirement is urgent. See a site based on our templates - see our Send and Go option

Tell me about my domain name

We register your domain name as part of your service contract. You will have something like: to be used for both your web site and your email. This domain name will be your property, registered in your name. If you already have a domain name, we will need to transfer it. This is often straight forward though we would recommend that we register on your behalf to avoid this transfer process.

Email - what are the options?

If we had registered '' for you, your website would be at and your email addresses would be something like and

Email - why use my own domain name?

If you go for our 'Advanced Mailbox' you will be able not only to receive email at your own address, but also send email using your own custom email address ( The advantage of this is that if you want to change your ISP (Internet Service Provider) say from BT to NTL, your email will continue to work completely independently. Your email address stays the same whether you use BT, NTL or any other ISP.


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