The importance of web site maintenance

Updating my web site - should I employ a web design company?

If you are a large organisation employing experts in search engine optimisation and web page presentation then carrying out your own updating will be cost effective. For smaller companies, the 'smart move' is usually to have your web site maintained by a company like SiteWeave who have long term expertise in the compromises of optimising for both human users and for search engines. Each new technique or tool that we discover to enhance web site effectiveness will be applied to your business.

Update for your customers:

Your customer base will be more likely to return to your site if they see changes or updates on each return visit. Being able to offer your customers some useful information in addition to your sales pitch will also help to bring traffic to your web site.

Update for search engines:

Web sites that never change gradually slip downward in the search rankings unless the site is in a very niche market. Well maintained sites also maintain or enhance their search position. New pages need to meet the many criteria that help promote good search positioning.

SiteWeave maintenance:

For the last five years, all our contracts have included an updating service to ensure our customers to keep their web sites relevant and topical. Phone or email us with your changes, and we rapidly update the web site , keeping it fresh and relevant.

SiteWeave Custom maintenance:

Some sites require more work to keep them up to date. In this case we can organise an updating regime and charge on a monthly basis.

Self Maintenance - a Content Management System (CMS):

If you have the time and inclination, we can provide you with a Content Management System that will allow you to update the site yourself. We will install the software on your computer, give you training in using it, and provide you with a test site to practice on. The program we provide is designed to be used by people with low to medium computer skills.


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